Monday, December 2, 2013

Baby Its Cold Out Side

Baby Its Cold Out Side

Hair:   [e] Enjoy
Eyeliner:  FT ThickEyeliner 

Black Kitty
Blue Frog
Brown Bunny
Brown Deer
Green Frog
Grey Elephant
Panda {RARE}
Pink Bunny {RARE}
Pink Elephant {RARE}
Rudolf Deer {RARE}
White Kitty {RARE}

Scarf:   *ZC* Hana Scarf
Tights:   Heartless: Star Patterned Tights

Monday, November 25, 2013



Nails & Rings:    [MANDALA]

Head Band:   dl:: Bow Headband - grey<~~ Comes in 12 different colors

Bracelet #1 Right:   Blackbird Revolution~ L-O-V-E

Bracelet #2 Left:   :love always: arcade 

EyeLiner:  FT- ThickEyeliner

Eye Shadow:   FT- MetallicEyeshadow- MetallicGrey

Outfit includes ~> Hoodies, Jeans, Leg Warmers 

Now known as ICKY 

Put on my J’s and dance the whole night away
I’m naughty by nature like I’m hip-hop hooray
With my hands in the sky, I wave’em from side to side
My feet on the floor, I’m bout to turn up now

Friday, November 22, 2013



Shoes:   [IHS] Bows Bows Brown Suede ede 

I love you in so many ways
To try to explain or define
What it is I feel inside
Is near impossible
I wouldn’t know where to begin
Just know what I feel has no end
I will love you beyond forever
With every breath, with all that I am
Of this I am certain
And though I can’t find the ways
To tell you how much I love you
Without a doubt I can say
I will love you all of my days

i'm cut you


Tat:   The Basement: Bunch Of Roses 
Stash:   **Strayer** Mustach typing